Monday, November 3, 2008

Endorsements for the November 4th election

John McCain-Sarah Palin for President

Helena Moreno for the Democratic Nomination, 2nd Congressional District- The renomination and later probably re-election of Bill Jefferson will continue to frustrate our recovery by leaving an “empty chair” in Congress while also communicating to the nation that Louisiana has a ways to go before businesses can feel comfortable investing in the state. If image matters, then a vote for Bill Jefferson is not too different than a vote for David Duke.

Steve Scalise for Congress- Scalise was one of the leading advocates for reform and opponents to increased taxes in the state legislature. His record of accomplishment paved the way towards his ascension to Congress early this year. His Democratic opponent Jim Harlan has been relegated to Johnnie Cochran rhyme attacks that only exist in his and his media consultant’s minds. Does Congressman Scalise deserve to be called the “mistake by the lake” simply because he was not on hand for the screening of a hurricane documentary? Hopefully, Harlan’s brand of opportunistic/money rain politics will be soundly rejected on Tuesday and that the 7-figures of his own money that he spent on the race will lead to nothing else than bigger cars for his consultant.

Conrad Appel for Senator- With an atypical background for a legislative candidate, Appel’s election would add a new business perspective to the State Senate. Appel is about as non-politician as you get.

Greg Guidry for Supreme Court- Guidry’s conservative credentials and experience as a US Attorney would help shake up a Louisiana Supreme Court that was dominated too long by liberals and courthouse politicians.

Ellen Kovach for Judge- Judge Martha Sassone’s unprofessional reputation is well known in legal circles. That the Times Picayune and the Alliance for Good Government chose to endorse her speaks volumes about their judgment and not their candidate.

Leon Cannizzaro for District Attorney- Cannizzaro’s solid work ethic would be a welcome contrast to Eddie Jordan’s reign of error/terror in crime plagued New Orleans. While his opponent, Ralph Capitelli, would also be a vast improvement over Jordan, the city needs an energetic crime fighter like Cannizzaro.

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