Thursday, October 30, 2008

Odd Similarities Between the Obama Logo and FEMA Symbol
By Mike Bayham

If Barack Obama wins the presidency, his election would be precedent setting on numerous levels, one of those being that we would have our first president known for a symbol…kind of like Minnesota native “the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince”.
Too bad for Joe Biden he didn’t get his own abstract rendition…perhaps a foot halfway insert in a mouth or two giant letter “B’s”, one is his own handwriting, the other in Neil Kinnock’s.
As someone who has designed a number of campaign logos, yard signs and other campaign paraphernalia, I will confess an admiration for the intricacies of the Obama logo.
The large circle, representing the O-man’s last name (to my disappointment, the logo was not also “sponsored” by the letter “H”) with another circle within it that one can infer represents the sun over rows of a farm plain, that is delineated by red and white stripes. Just to give you an idea of how much detail has been put into this logo, if you look closely at the rows, you’ll notice that the red stripes are “enlightened” closest to the white “O” (the sun, the light, our divine leader!).
Now it’s apparent Obama is quite taken with his logo. A popular window sticker mentions neither Obama nor Biden’s name but just has the logo. Obama, perhaps in one of my acts of hubris, even developed his own campaign presidential seal incorporating elements of the ubiquitous campaign symbol.
One day while looking at a rather obscure government document, something jumped out at me. There it was, something that looked awfully like the Obama logo, but it wasn’t. It could not have been, since the document with the image on it was from 2004, before he OFFICIALLY began his presidential campaign.
Pictured on this page is artwork that appeared on a FEMA Hazard Mitigation Flow Chart showing a fictitious state seal that bears a very strong resemblance.
Now why do I bring this up? Why not? If his allies can mock Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for clothes that were acquired for her that she did not personally buy in a store and will be sold to charity after the election, then why not insert this admittedly trivial item into the public discourse.
McCain’s running on mostly the same stuff he has been for the past 9 years while Obama’s tax plan’s effect consistently changes in impact by the day, pending on whether the Democratic nominee or his running mate is discussing it.

If the FEMA artwork were heavily borrowed without permission or attribution, then it would not mark something unprecedented for a campaign that Joe Biden has been associated with.
Mike Bayham is a political consultant in south Louisiana. He can be reached at

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