Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I am thinking about restarting the "Early Call" tonight so check this site out starting around 7 PM tonight.

Perhaps based upon gross naivete, but here they are:


President: John McCain wins after winning the swing states of New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Nevada. Obama wins the swing state of Colorado.

US Senate: Democrats expand their majority to 58. Joe Lieberman caucuses with GOP out of protest.
Louisiana US Senate: Mary Landrieu with 54%
1st District Congress: "The Mistake by the Lake" with 64% (just kidding Congressman Steve!)
2nd District Dem. Nomination: Bill Jefferson with 56%
6th District: Don Cazyoux by 2 points
Orleans Parish District Attorney: Leon Canizzarro with 56%
State Senator: Polly Thomas 51%
Public Service Commission: John Schwegmann 54%


Paul Marx said...

I pray you are right, for America's sake!!In my opinion Obama will go down in History as being the biggest Con Artist in the history of presedential elections.

I am amazed how many people are seeing Obama as the second coming on the Messiah . He literally has them mesmerized. People watch his “performance” and listen to his rhetoric, and believe everything he says without knowing or caring if it is true or not!

I have to tell you, this is the scariest Presidential election I have witnessed in my lifetime. I am praying more than ever for the country. It’s no longer just “God Bless America” it’s now more than ever, “God HELP America”.

This country has sadly becoming more & more, a nation of people who want something (anything) for nothing. Those are the people Obama targets most in his political strategy!

Where is the America I grew up believing in? The America that promised everyone that if you work hard, the sky is the limit to what you can accomplish and the success you can achieve.

Evidently, “Chicken Little” was right, the sky IS falling!!

Paul Marx
KBON 101.1FM

P.S. Just the fact that someone can actually support & vote for a candidate they DO NOT know (and they really don’t know Obama) instead of someone who has served this country since the age of 17 (56 years!) is enough to make me ashamed.

Krissy Girl said...

While I may have once professed my undying love to you, Mike, I think you're wrong on PSC!