Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Voting for the First Amendment and Against the Media

I’d be lying if I said at some point I was tempted to not vote for John McCain. Not that I would dare cast a ballot for Barack Hussein Obama. Oops, I said it! There goes my Ambassadorship to Denmark for me no matter who wins.
McCain has proven to be as awful of a candidate as I said he would be back in 2007, between the bad decisions on strategy to pulling punches in debates to foolishly accepting the federal matching funds while thinking the American public would care about Obama breaking his word on that subject. The Democratic nominee has changed his mind on so many things during his brief sojourn in the US Senate you’d need a hurricane tracking chart to pin down his ever evolving positions.
I thought long and hard about kicking my lone vote for either the Constitutional Party candidate, Chuck Baldwin, with whom I agree far more than my own party’s nominee- not that this presidential election is any exception- or the drafted Ron Paul-Barry Goldwater, Jr. tandem, which was placed on the Louisiana ballot without either individual’s consent.
I could cite yet another reason how the McCain campaign has insulted me personally, but I’ll save that and other airing of grievances for the post-mortem.
I am going to vote for John McCain and not just because he is a Republican nor will I do it under the justification that I would be voting for Sarah Palin for vice-president, even if it marked the one act of good political judgment the Arizonan has exercised throughout this whole process. That some of McCain’s people are expending valuable time and energy trying to throw her under the Straight Talk Express while we are yet a week away from election day is not helpful to his cause or that of the party…or America.
In lieu of registering my vote for a minor party candidate as a protest against a mangled Republican effort, I will vote for McCain as a protest against what has been the most rigged and biased process any candidate has ever had to endure in the history of this country.
Though McCain liked to joke on the stump how the media was his base, not even the vilified Dubya had it so bad. While the mainstream media showers the masses with ubiquitous magazine covers with Obama’s smiling face and “inspiring” photographs of the Democratic nominee addressing tens of thousands of people voting with virtually any other anatomical part aside from their brain, I see how McCain is being ignored, disregarded and even, according to the Politico, shut out of crossword puzzles!
I see a lovely image of two old women riding on scooters into an empty stadium where Governor Palin is about to speak without adding to the caption that they were the first people allowed to enter so they would not have to struggle traversing the tens of thousands of people who have consistently flocked to the Alaskan’s rallies.
Many conservatives view the media’s derisive and unbalanced coverage of the cash-strapped McCain as poetic justice (and I am counted in that crowd) but I also find it repugnant and an insult to the journalistic profession.
I wasn’t surprised by their bias; the treatment Hillary Clinton received by the media was a veritable “Bat Signal” of what to expect come the general election.
Talk by Democratic congressional leaders about the revival of the so-called Fairness Doctrine should send a shiver down the spines of all who truly value the First Amendment as talk radio, the leading conservative/free-market alternative to mainstream media, would be subjected to additional regulation and restrictions. This is straight out of Hugo Chavez’s playbook and scares me more than any tax proposal could ever.
Before it was removed with the rest of the drywall thanks to Katrina, I had a bumpersticker on my childhood bedroom wall that I had affixed in 1992 that read, “Annoy the Media, Re-elect Bush”.
Don’t just annoy the media by casting your one vote for John McCain; piss them off big time by working towards Obama’s defeat.
If you have vacation days that you don’t know what to do with, invest them in Virginia, Colorado or Nevada. Putting deed to word, I’m going to New Hampshire this weekend to lend a hand.
Also, thanks to free long distance and unlimited cell phone minutes becoming the norm these days, you have the capacity to reach out to voters in all of the swing states from the comfort of your home. After calling your friends and family about the election, go to JohnMcCain.com or your state GOP headquarters to request a call list. We have a week to do our part to preserve liberties that the liberals are aiming to curtail for no other reason than to stifle the opposition and cement their control on government.

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