Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cao, Fleming to Win?!

Cao, Fleming to Win

Based upon turnout in tracked precincts in northwest Louisiana and New Orleans –west Jefferson, Republican congressional candidates Dr. John Fleming and Anh Cao are going to win their elections.

Fleming’s win would retain the Shreveport seat for the GOP while Cao’s victory would mark the first Republican victory in the Second District since the late 19th century. Future Republican governor Dave Treen had come close in 1968 to winning the seat then-held by Democratic Majority Leader Hale Boggs.

The Cao win would also be historic as he would be the first Vietnamese-American elected to Congress. Even more remarkable is that the district is majority black, though displacement from Hurricane Katrina and depressed turnout due to the incumbent’s legal troubles has hampered Bill Jefferson’s chances. Jefferson won renomination in a competitive runoff in November.
Cao, whose home flooded in Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav, had run for the Louisiana legislature in 2007, running fifth in a field of five candidates for the District 103 House of Representatives seat.

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