Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nevada 2012: A Different Kind of Caucus

As the hig cities are still out, I am going to take this opportunity to explain how Nevada's is different from the Iowa caucus. Nevada has 28 delegates up for grabs and will apportion these delegates by percentage.

At the precinct caucus site, participants cast a vote for president and elect delegates to county conventions, just like Iowa, though the similarities end there.

In Iowa, the presidential ballot is a straw poll. The media places great emphasis on this though it has absolutely no bearing on the actual distribution of delegates. In other words, the delegates "won" by the candidates there are a total sham. However, in Nevada the ballot us binding in that the candidates will receive firm first ballot delegates to the Republiban National Convention in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Iowa's delegates to the RNC are actually picked at congressional district conventions and the state convention, with their actions technically having no relevance to the celebrated First in the Nation media political spectacle.

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