Monday, January 2, 2012

Iowa Notebook: Bachmann v. the Philistines

OKALOOSA- Minnesota US Representative and TEA Party champion Michele Bachmann made an appearance at the Jubilee Family Church on Sunday morning, delivering a personal spiritual testimony that had strong undrcurrents with the precarious position her once booming presidential bid finds itself in less than 72 hours before Iowa Republicans caucus.

Bachmann invoked the Old Testament story of Jonathan and his armor bearer in their divinely inspired attack against the Philistines, dropping a not so subtle reference to both the long odds she faces in what could be a fatal blow to her candidacy and the importance of faith in acting.

Bachmann also stressed her Hawkeye State roots, noting specifically that she is a seventh generation Iowan, something that had helped catapult her to winning the Ames Straw Poll last August before discussing in detail the moment when she found God.

The real boosting was done hy the church pastor who followed up Bachmann's talk with a sermon on the importance of character and voting for the candidate who best represents their values and not the most electable.

A few other notes about Bachmann's Jubilee appearance-

1) Though over one hundred people ere in attendance, many of the congegants walked out the church immediately upon the conclusion of the service with only a dozen or so sticking around to glad-handle with the candidate. Bachmann's Iowa campaign has been fraught with low attendance at recent campaign events, which is glaring contrast with the over capacity turnout she enjoyed in her Ames Straw Poll event.

2) Her advance team continues to bungle. A press conference was scheduled to be held outside the church after but a bitter cold wind complicated things.

3) A problem for Romney. At the back of the church was literature arguing how Mormons were not Christians. I would imagine this feeling is not contained within the confines of the Jubilee church and will not help come South Carolina, a state here evangelicals are a major segment of the GOP electorate and where Romney finished poorly four years ago.

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