Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Liberal Libels and Loughner's Madness

Attention Paul Krugman: sick people with an inclination for violence can do terrible things.

Apparently someone with your expensive educational background, Nobel-lauded brain and Hollywood toilet-film supporting actor (appearing in that highbrow gem- Get Him to the Greek) doesn’t understand a concept so simple and plain.

Krugman, an economist by trade, has proven himself quite the leftist political hack in his bloviations on The New York Times editorial page, but then he pushed the envelope one nudge too far.

On January 9th, only a day after Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was seriously wounded by a point blank shot in the head and six others, including a nine year old girl who aspired to one day serve the public and a Republican-appointed federal judge, were killed by 22 year old Jared Loughner, Krugman took his own rhetorical shots.

The gist of Krugman’s screed is that conservatives are easily incited to violence through their demagogic media figures. Krugman goes on to accuse Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck of making jokes about shooting government officials while giving a pass to the left’s leading blowhard Keith Olbermann.

I find this ironic as Olbermann is perhaps the most hate-filled vitriolic television commentator outside of public-access cable, but back to the more educated slinger of vitriol.

Rather than go through the trouble of taking the time to discover who Loughner is or have the patience to learn of an established motive for the massacre, Krugman demonstrated he lacked journalistic professionalism and class by following Rahm Emanuel’s mantra of never letting a crisis go to waste to twist the tragedy to advance his political agenda and smear those who not share his philosophy, directly leaving the blame for the shootings on the doorstep of the GOP.

In doing so, Krugman not only libels the Republican Party (and thus its members) but by default elevates the shooter on the same level as the English knights who murdered the Archbishop of Canterbury after hearing King Henry II cry out “will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?”

Those with blood on their hands were malleable men merely following orders of higher-ups who didn’t watch what they said.

Loughner would only be too lucky to have Krugman testify for the defense.

What we know about Loughner NOW after the media’s fog of lies dissipated is that he was a drug user, a 9-11 “truther” and a nihilist.

Hardly the stuff of a card-carrying member of the Republican Party.

Loughner also believes that Christianity is a creation to better control society, which is a Marxist concept. But I don’t think philosophy had anything to do with what he did.

Loughner’s actions are merely the manifestation of his madness.

One former friend claimed that Loughner’s resentment of Giffords was in part to her being “fake”, a possible motive that harkens to another high profile murder that took place decades before outside the Dakota Apartments in Manhattan.

Psychiatrist Daniel Schwartz testified at the trial of Mark David Chapman that John Lennon’s murderer was driven to commit his crime because Chapman thought the musician was a phony.

Chapman made no secret of his self-identification with Holden Caulfield, the cynical, sanctimonious teenage character from the book The Catcher in the Rye. He even wrote a note saying as much in a copy of the book Chapman left to be discovered by the police.

Yet J.D. Sallinger was no more responsible for John Lennon’s death as Sarah Palin, Beck, O’Reilly, et al were for what transpired in Arizona.

Sifting for reason in this tragedy is a fool’s errand, yet that doesn’t stop the leftist media from mightily trying to discover where the flow chart connection is between Loughner and the TEA Party movement.

Liberals are inclined to believe that all that is evil in world is preventable, from poverty to sickness to bad weather to violence.

All that needs to be done is to better control society from eating certain foods, owning certain things, drive certain cars and most importantly thinking and saying certain things.

Conservatives, trusting tradition, history and common sense over Ivy League learning, know that this is simply not so.

The only thing that could have been done to stop Loughner is someone else there with a gun.

Jared Loughner, just as Charles David Whitman and Chapman before him, chose to do something terrible and senseless on January 8th, coaxed to act only his irrational inner demons.

It is absurd to even imply that a political action committee website with targets over competitive legislative districts contributed to the terrible violence. But such a theory was seriously offered for public consumption before being rejected on its merits, or lack thereof.

Krugman and his fellow exploiter of tragedy Clarence Dupnik, the sheriff who concocted that Loughner was motivated by the conservative media, have disrespected the slain and those who were scarred physically and emotionally through their own irresponsible comments by injecting partisan politics into the story.

Krugman’s caustic commentary doesn’t incite violence but disgust. Sane America sees what happened in Arizona as a senseless tragedy and not a soapbox to demonize political opponents.

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